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Author of "An Affair Worth Remembering With Huntington's Disease, Incurable Love & Intimacy During an Incurable Illness" 2014 paperback

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Hope, Confidence, Strength 


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in therapy.  


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Individual, Couple or Family?

  • Do you struggle with caring for aging parents and/or your children?
  • Are you suffering or have you suffered the loss of a loved one? Suffered multiple losses in a short period of time?
  • Do you or a loved one struggle and/or suffer with a long term illness, a chronic illness, pain? (Cancer, Huntington's Disease,etc.) 
  • Are you struggling with a loved one's terminal illness or End of Life issues?
  • Has a traumatic experience prevented you from moving forward with life?
  • Do you feel depressed, anxious, stressed?
  • Do you want change?  Are you ready to change?
  • Are you having difficulty adjusting to life's changes? (Empty nest?)
  • Are you Police/Fire/EMS, current or retired, strong on the outside, hurting on the inside?
Caregiving, grief, loss, bereavement and traumatic experiences  
are interwoven in the fabric of life. 
They can be experienced personally, professionally or both.

I can help you
in a 
Comfortable, Safe, and Private Environment

   I offer flexible morning, afternoon and selected evening hours. 


Debbie Pausig, LMFT, CT                                                                                                                                           Email: debbiepausig.mft@gmail.com

Office Location:  5 Roger Avenue-Rear,  North Haven, CT  06473                                                                  

Office telephone/fax: 203.985.8246 

Webpage updated:  November 2017